Building projects together

Tourism sector, immersed in a constant change.


The way of traveling is changing, having an evolution, this way the tourism sector is being in a process of constant change.

The “check in online” concept, it is known since a few years ago, and when talking about this term, the first thing that comes to our minds are the airports.

Nowadays, although it is still not very common to use this technology in the hospitality sector, many hotels offer this service to their clients, with their own hotel chain application or with a generic application that exists in the market.

This type of improvements, make to vary the functionality that the spaces of the hotels have. And a clear example of all this are the lobby-s of the hotels.

The lobbies are becoming dynamic spaces, where the socialization of guests obtains the main importance. Making a warmer and more welcoming stay to the clients.

As we mentioned on previous occasions, home automation is not far behind, and will also take part in this change, making a space adapt according to the needs of the customers.

With the help of home automation and modular and mobile furniture, hoteliers will be able to create different spaces in one place. Creating for example a space for study and work during the morning and a place to stay at night.




This way, little by little we will find these new features in our next trips.