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Home automation for the control of the rooms.

Due to the globalization that we are experiencing, it is increasingly common to travel, both for pleasure or for work, therefore, we are forced to sleep with constancy in hotels. Therefore, it is very convenient that hotels try to improve increasingly the comfort of the customers. Because of this reason, we would like to introduce you the benefits that home automation provides if you include it in your hotel.

Through this new system, the hotel can offer a warm and pleasant welcome to the client, since when the client reserves a room, the reservation program would communicate with the home automation, initiating the pre-air conditioning of the room. In addition to this, you could add welcome messages, a music integration, etc.

Likewise, the client has the option of customizing the room with scenes that are previously programmed, daytime, night scenes, etc. the system automatically adjusts the selected or desired environment for the client.

Thanks to the sensors that are installed, home automation is able to detect the movement and occupation of the room, hall or corridor. This way turning lights on and off automatically and managing the energy of each room, and managing the energy and water consumption of each room optimally.

Although the old domotic systems were excessively complicated, the current ones do not require cable installations, since they work by radiofrequency, thus facilitating the reform work.

We believe that it is a good step forward to offer to your clients and there are projects in which we are having the pleasant opportunity to start up this home automation system. And you, do you want to fall behind?

DANONA, Building Projects Together.